2013 White Rex, May All Fours Be With You

"A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away, Obi Wine Kenobi, a Jedi Master, declared Deerfield the home planet of the Rebel Alliance. All Jedi Padawan journeyed to Deerfield to study how to control the Force. They studied long, learned well, and went forth to mentor Padawan throughout the galaxy. One of their greatest accomplishments, after mastering the lightsaber, was to make Clean Wine™, providing joy and happiness to citizens far and wide."

The Blend: Red blends have gone mainstream. Long gone is the belief that a straight varietal is best, With few exceptions, like our Pinot Noir and Estate Syrah, our reds are blends. White blends are new to California. The world has known them for centuries, from Bordeaux, the Rhone, Italy and Spain. 
Winemaking is like cooking. The best dishes are a combination of avors, of subtle nuances spread around the palate. White Rex follows this lead, each varietal playing an important role in the overall experience. Pinot Grigio is the base and brings the bouquet and avor of white peaches and focus in the mid-palate . The Riesling brings Grany Smith apples and focus in the back side palate . The Sauvignon Blanc adds tropical fruit avors, particularly pineapple and mango. and focus on the front palate. The Chardonnay adds a long finish, depth and complexity, from the center of your palate around the sides to the back. Both the Pinot Grigio and the Riesling add a bit of sweet-ness to better express the fruit without making this a sweet wine. White Rex is a great example of music in a bottle.
Vinification: Each of the varietals was made as a separate wine. The clusters were hand picked and hand sorted then whole-cluster gently cold pressed to extract the juice. The Pinot Grigio, Sauvignon Blanc and Riesling were fermented cold in stainless tanks, started on native yeast and finished on pure strain yeasts noted for their ability to maximize the varietal characteristics we wanted to express. The barrel fermented Chardonnay helps tie everything together while pulling the avors to a long nish. The blend was entirely done by taste. We spent three years getting the varietals and the percentages right. The blend nally sang to us with the distinct voices of each varietal and the harmony of the whole orchestra. White Rex is a unique blend. It’s a California and Deereld original.
White Rex pairs with as wide a variety of foods as Pinot Noir, perfect for spicy foods, Thanksgiving dinner, pot lucks, picnics and cocktail hour.

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