2012 Red Rex

Robert’s proprietary blend, Red Rex, is Deerfield’s most popular wine.  It is made up of eight varietals, and each one is there for a reason.  The idea is to give you a full flavor experience by reaching every corner of your palate.  It is a challenge and no one is better at it than Deerfield’s Winemaker, Robert Rex.  Rather than explain how the blend works, Robert has created a picture of the Red Rex structure.

Red Rex is like a puzzle, each piece important and nothing out of place. This is why it is so delicious and pairs well with many types of food.


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26% Merlot, 19% Syrah, 15% Sangiovese, 12% Malbec, 10% Cabernet Sauvignon, 7% Cabernet Franc, 6% Petit Verdot, 5% Zinfandel


Alc. 14.4%, RS .34 g/L, TA 6.4 g/L