2009 Merlot, Morrison Vineyard, Organic

The simple true red color belies the complexity of this Merlot. A clean, aromatic nose guided by fine French oak leads to a tasting experience that begins forward on the palate. Sweeping back, the Merlot flavor evokes strawberries, raspberries and allspice. The initially linear mouth feel expands to both sides of the palate before folding into a long finish. The Cabernet Franc adds lift to the Merlot, taking the flavors to your head like 72% dark chocolate. The Cabernet Sauvignon stretches the Merlot back, giving it depth and a long finish.

Whole berry fermentation, gentle handling and attention to details over its three year journey from vine to bottle has enhanced the magic experienced in Ian Morrison’s organic vineyard, nestled against the hills at the mouth of the Adobe Canyon. The organic farming methods accentuated the variation in terroir of Ian’s vineyard, which in turn gives this 2009 Merlot greater complexity than you would expect in a Merlot.

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90% Merlot, 5% Cabernet Sauvignon, 5% Cabernet Franc


Alc. 13.5%, RS .022%