2009 Merlot Cuvee

We could have called this wine Merlot. However, that would miss the point. It’s all about the blend. Cuvée means wine blend in French. Good winemaking is like good cooking. What makes a reduction sauce so delicious is the combination of flavors, the layered sensations. This is the essence of Merlot Cuvée. Six of our favorite vineyards supplied the grapes. Our winemaking focused on the individuality of each varietal. The blend, done by taste, married them into a harmonious, full ­flavored sensation. Barrel aging for 38 months made the wine smooth and mellow. Each element plays on the other; nothing’s out of place; every sip memorable.

The focus of Merlot is in the front of the palate, expanding forward like a bubble. The Cabernet Sauvignon tugs on the Merlot pulling it back to fill the mid-palate. The long finish is all Cabernet Sauvignon. Syrah focuses on the lower palate, filling in the bottom. The Cabernet Franc takes the Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon fl­avors to the top of the palate giving the blend lift and a hint of chocolate. A touch of Malbec sits in the bottom back palate, rounding out the ­flavor. Every part of the palate is sensitized and Merlot comes to life like never before.

The barrel program used 80% American oak. The front palate focus of American oak compared the mid-palate focus of French oak better fits the Merlot. The French oak helps tie all the other components together. In total the oak component is subtle. Extended barrel aging, about a year longer than most red wines by other wineries, softened the tannins and balanced them with the acid.

Tasting notes by Robert Rex, Winemaker:

The color is deep and dark. The nose, is subtle until it gets some air then blossoms into a dried rose peddle sachette. The wine shows good legs which portends substantial mouth feel. When you swish the wine about your mouth you can pick out the focus of the individual varietals while they play on one another. Merlot’s fruitiness prevails with added depth and longer finish. The dark berry fruit compote ­flavors of the Merlot are delicious. The wine is beautifully balanced, but then that is what we at Deerfield are all about.

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Merlot 77%, Cabernet Sauvignon 9%, Syrah 6%, Cabernet Franc 4%, Malbec 4%


Alc. 15.1%, RS .66, pH 3.62, RS .34 g/L


55% French Oak, 25% American Oak, 20% Neutral Oak