2006 Syrah, Estate Organic


This organic Syrah is produced from our estate vineyard, which encompasses 7 acres of the property surrounding the Kenwood Marsh. This wine is a testament to how well Syrah can grow in Sonoma Valley. Dense fruit flavors envelope the mouth as it rolls over the tongue. A truly hedonistic style of Syrah that finishes long and smooth on the back palate with hints of plums and peppercorn. The 2006 Organic Estate Syrah was barrel aged for 24 months in French and American oak in order to deliver the overt aromas and round mouth-feel.
This Syrah is from the organic vineyard in front of the winery. It is 100% Syrah, which for us is unusual. The flavor is so generous and delicious by itself it didn’t need any amplification from other varietals.
Syrah’s flavor profile generally focuses near the bottom of the palate, grounded and earthy. This one
is different. It shows generous dark berry flavors in the center of the palate, expanding in all directions
in a mouth filling sensation.
Like all of our wines, it is low in histamines so you won't get any red wine headaches. In addition, our wines are free of active sulfites when released so there will be no allergic reactions. This Syrah is simply delicious.


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100% Syrah


Alcohol: 14.3%, Residual Sugar: 0.1%


Aged for 36 months in American and French oak. 570 cases Produced