2005 Shiraz Cuvée

County Down under style meets Deerfield know-how

This wine has its roots in the Australian style, masterfully blended by winemaker Robert Rex.
Shiraz and Syrah are the same grape, Syrah from France and Shiraz from Australia. This cuvée is made in the Australian style with more middle palate sensations. Shiraz has a grounded flavor, coming from the bottom of the palate and moving up. This experience was made longer by the Cabernet and more floral with the Merlot. Malbec accentuated the berry flavor in the bottom back of the palate and the Petit Verdot filled in the bottom front. Together, a taste fills the senses.
The Merlot and the Malbec, even though they are small percentages, add a lot of nose and back palate fruit, making a huge impact on the blend. Both the nose and the initial taste evoke dark blackberries followed by rich chocolate decadence cake. The perfect wine for anything from the grill.


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Shiraz 78%, Cabernet Sauvignon 8%, Merlot 7%, Malbec 4%, Petit Verdot 3%


Alcohol 15%; Free Sulfites (SO2) at bottling 18 ppm; SO2 at release, less than 10 ppm. (Human threshold = 10 ppm)


We produced 1400 Cases.